Aruba Vacation 2009: Sunsets

Aruba Vacation 2009: Sunsets

Aruba Vacation 2009: Sunsets

Every night that we were in Aruba we experienced amazing sunsets.  I combined several from different nights on this page.  The design elements on this page are not particularly spectacular, but I wanted to show something unique that I did.  On the right hand page you will notice a tall ship on the horizon on the page.  I did this to match the pictures of tall ships in the sunset.  In order to make it look right I cut off the bottom of the tall ship sticker so that it looked like it was riding low in the water.

Click here if you want to book a sunset tall ship cruise in Aruba.  We didn’t do this because I get seasick – but we heard many wonderful things about the experience.

Catalina Bay and Antilla Ship Wreck Snorkel Cruise – $48.99

Head out to the most famous snorkel spot in Aruba on this 3-hour Catalina Bay and Antilla Ship Wreck Snorkel Cruise! Discover the famous snorkel spot, Antilla Ship Wrek, as well as a variety of tropical fish and colorful coral. Along the way, you’ll stop by Catalina Bay – an ideal spot for beginner snorkelers. Enjoy a day out in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean on this snorkeling adventure!


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