Aruba Vacation 2009: Currency

Aruba Vacation 2009: Currency – The Aruban Florin

Aruba Vacation 2009: Currency

Aruba Vacation 2009: Currency

Ephemera Tip: I think that one of the best things to collect as ephemera on a trip is foreign currency: Each country I go to I try and collect two of each of the coins and some paper money – usually the lowest denominations.  Currency is wonderful to collect because it is art, history and a souvenir all built into one!  I usually find a bank and ask for specific change and ask for crisp notes.  I tell them I am using them for a collection and the tellers have always been happy to oblige.

If you look carefully at this page, you can see that I have placed the Florin current and coins into plastic pockets so that I don’t have to glue the notes and coins down.  The plastic pockets come with adhesive on the back so that they will stick to your pages without glue or stickers showing.    The left-hand page, with the paper currency, actually is from a currency collector album that is three ring punched.  I used the star fish brads to cover the three holes and hold the page in place.  The fish brad on the right-hand side of the notes holds the plastic folder in place.  I can pull this page out and then flip the plastic pockets to be able to see the other side of the notes.

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