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Europe Vacation 2015: End Page – Euro Currency

Europe Vacation 2015: End Page - Euro Currency
This is the last page of the third album of our trip to Europe.  Since it is the last page it is a single page spread.   This page is very similar to the last page of album 1 – Swedish Currency.

Usually when we travel to another country I try to collect both bills and coins to add to the scrapbook.  In this case I saved 39 which is about $44 US.  You can find out the current exchange rate HERE.  This means that these pages can sometimes be fairly expensive, but I think that they are really cool mementos of the trip.

The coins and bills are both placed in plastic protector sheets.  The bills plastic protector sheets are hinged on their black background so that they can be flipped over if the page is taken out of the full page plastic protector.

I chose the German flag colors for the page.  The ribbon was placed on the coin protector sheet to help keep the coins from sliding out if the album is turned upside down.

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Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Citadel

Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Citadel

Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Citadel

Our first stop on our Double Decker Bus tour was the Citadel in Halifax.  We wanted to go their first so that we could see the changing of the guard, and the firing of the signal cannons.  On this page I added a coin that we bought at the Citadel souvenir shop as well as an aerial view postcard of the Citadel to help give perspective to the size of the fortress.  The coat of arms that is on the right hand page I cut by hand from a photograph that I took of the entrance sign to the Army Museum on site at the Citadel.  I also affixed a map of the Citadel to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it could be opened and viewed.

Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Citadel 2

Canada Cruise 2010: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Citadel 2

This is the second spread dedicated to the Citadel.  My son really enjoyed our time there and wanted me to take all kinds of pictures.  You can see on the right hand page some of the fun ones that we had with the cannons.   You will also notice that I saved our red sticker “tickets” to the Citadel on this page.  If you look at the bottom right hand picture on the left hand page you will see my son with the sticker on his shirt.

The embellishments on this page were cut using my Cricut machine.  I kept this page fairly simple as I wanted the pictures to be the focus of this page.

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Aruba Vacation 2009: Currency – The Aruban Florin

Aruba Vacation 2009: Currency

Aruba Vacation 2009: Currency

Ephemera Tip: I think that one of the best things to collect as ephemera on a trip is foreign currency: Each country I go to I try and collect two of each of the coins and some paper money – usually the lowest denominations.  Currency is wonderful to collect because it is art, history and a souvenir all built into one!  I usually find a bank and ask for specific change and ask for crisp notes.  I tell them I am using them for a collection and the tellers have always been happy to oblige.

If you look carefully at this page you can see that I have placed the Florin current and coins into plastic pockets so that I don’t have to glue the notes and coins down.  The plastic pockets come with adhesive on the back so that they will stick to your pages without glue or stickers showing.    The left hand page, with the paper currency, actually is from a currency collector album that is three ring punched.  I used the star fish brads to cover the three holes and hold the page in place.  The fish brad on the right hand side of the notes holds the plastic folder in place.  I can pull this page out and then flip the plastic pockets to be able to see the other side of the notes.

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Europe Vacation: Lucerne, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: Lucerne, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: Lucerne, Switzerland

After coming down My Pilatus on a cog train, we made a wonderful stop in Lucerne, Switzerland.  We enjoyed a crazy meal at Stadtkeller, a restaurant with amazing food and entertainment – yodeling, spinning coins in bowls, accordions, and boisterous singing.  For this page I included the menu from the restaurant and a small flag that came stuck in a piece of meat.  Since the Swiss flag is red I chose to border the menu and pictures in red.   I did not really have enough pictures to make a two page spread so I took opportunity to display the Swiss Francs that I collected on the trip.  I had originally planned on using a red background to match the left page color theme, but realized that the coins stood out much better against a black background.  I again used plastic pockets to hold the coins so that I would not need to glue them to the page.

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