Aruba Vacation 2009: Iguanas

Aruba Vacation2009: Iguanas

Aruba Vacation 2009: Iguanas

Aruba has what seems like thousands of iguanas running all over the island.  We saw these Iguanas by the Aruba Casino and Helicopter port.  We played with them for over an hour.  My son worked really hard to get one to come up to him so that he could pet it.

There are a couple of fun design elements on this page.  If you expand the picture you can tell that the green background paper is embossed reptile skin paper that I was able to find online.  This picture really does not do it justice.  I was also able to find a “put it together yourself” laser cut of a lizard and we already had a small rubber lizard at home that I added to the page.

The only problem with adding the rubber lizard to the page is that it is about 3/8s of an inch thick and it has warped the plastic cover on the page as well as the plastic on the adjoining page.  While I don’t like this, I think that I would do it again as it adds realism and interest to the page.

Catalina Bay and Antilla Ship Wreck Snorkel Cruise – $48.99

Head out to the most famous snorkel spot in Aruba on this 3-hour Catalina Bay and Antilla Ship Wreck Snorkel Cruise! Discover the famous snorkel spot, Antilla Ship Wrek, as well as a variety of tropical fish and colorful coral. Along the way, you’ll stop by Catalina Bay – an ideal spot for beginner snorkelers. Enjoy a day out in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean on this snorkeling adventure!


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