2012: Dinner Magic Show

2012: Dinner Magic Show

2012: Dinner Magic Show

This page highlights a Dinner Magic Show, and event that I would never have thought to go to if it were not for Groupon.  I purchased greatly discounted prices and we were on our way!

The event was dinner and table magic, followed by a magic show, and was held at the Indianapolis Propylaeum.  If you click on the picture you can zoom in and read more about what a Propylaeum is on the historic marker on the left hand page.  I hand cut the historic marker photograph to make it easier to read, and then also hand cut the border that surrounds it.

Since the venue for this event was historic and elegant I picked an elegant background paper for the left hand side.  I used a corner cutter to create borders for the two photographs on the left page.EK Success Paper Shapers Corner Adorner Card Creators Punch - Trumpet Flower 7/8

For the right hand page I used a domino paper to hint at games and illusions.  It is difficult to tell from this photograph, but on this page I cut two of the dominoes out from behind the photographs and then used thick sticky pads to elevate them off of the page to add interest and dimension to the page.

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