2008: Adoption Day Party

2008: Adoption Day Party

2008: Adoption Day Party

I shared yesterday that I created a digital scrapbook of our adoption day so that I could share copies with our friends and family. But – I still needed to create a page to showcase the ephemera from the day.

This page has no photographs on it, and only ephemera. The left hand page background is actually a helium balloon that we were given and I cut it carefully and folded it around a piece of 12×12 cardstock and taped it to the back.  I also included cards that we were given on that day, and some tokens and tickets from Chuck E Cheese.  Chuck E Cheese’s also usually have a photo booth where it will create a line drawing of you and put the date on it.  it usually only costs one token (25 cents) and is a great way to have a date stamp on your ephemera.

I do not usually do this, but in cases where there is a good collection of ephemera from an event or trip that don’t fit on other pages with photographs, I create an ephemera only page.  Here are some other examples:

Thoughts on Adoption: I really can’t leave out a plug for adoption here.  Adopting my son has been the best thing that I have ever done in my life.  It is better than all the trips I have taken, and more rewarding than the degrees that I have earned.  While it is not easy, and can challenge often, I would not trade this experience and my son for anything in the world.   Please take some time to visit the adoption sites listed below:

Find out More about Adoption:

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