Disney Vacation 2008 - Funny Story and Ephemera

Disney Vacation 2008 – Ephemera

Disney Vacation 2008 - Funny Story and Ephemera

Disney Vacation 2008 – Funny Story and Ephemera

So our adventure at Disney World was almost over – but we had one last funny story from the last few minutes we were on the property.  If you click on the picture above you should get a bigger version of it and you can zoom in to read what happened.  But this Mickey was part of the outcome of the story.  Our bags were so full that we had to carry him on to the plane for the trip home!

This set of pages highlights all of the ephemera that we collected on the trip that didn’t make it onto the other pages.  I don’t normally do something like this – but my son was so excited about everything that we collected that he didn’t want any of it to be thrown away.  The letters in the right hand page above were cut with my Cricut machine and I used the shadow feature to cut a black “shadow” for each of the letters.  This very small shadow really helps the letters to stand out on the page.

Disney Vacation 2008 - Ephemera

Disney Vacation 2008 – Ephemera

The left hand page of this spread contains all kinds of things including stickers that we picked up along the way,  a Disney stamp on a letter we received, our Disney Photopass, origami from the China Showcase at EPCOT and one of our favorites – a red feather from the Enchanted Tiki Room.  Don’t worry we didn’t pull it off of a bird! – during the show some feathers fall from the ceiling and this one fell right into our lap!  The right hand page includes digital copies of all of the pictures that we took on the trip as this is a nice way to organize your digital pictures and have backups in case your computer dies.  It also includes some fast passes that we never used and the folio with our bill at the end of the vacation.

Disney Vacation 2008 - Ephemera - Park Maps

Disney Vacation 2008 – Ephemera – Park Maps

This is the last page in the album and it is simply extra maps that I picked up from each of the parks.  They have no crease marks and are not attached to the paper in anyway.  They float freely behind the plastic and are there if we ever want to pull them out and look at them.

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