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2015: Thanksgiving

2015: Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a new holiday for our exchange students, as it is a uniquely American holiday. So we like to make sure that they get the full experience. This year we went to my parents house for a couple of days where our exchange student met my nieces and nephews (they loved him if you can’t tell from the pictures), had traditional Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house, and then the next day had Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner and gift exchange at my sisters houses (with all of her kids).  They had a new kitten which we all enjoyed playing with (see if you can find him in the photographs).   We took Henry to Walmart on Thanksgiving night so that he could experience Black Friday and I think that he thought that we were all crazy (and he is probably right!).

I selected the background paper for this spread from a Fall paper book, and I cut the turkey out using my Cricut machine.  In order to give the wing a letter more definition I put a thick sticky tab underneath the wing to make it stick out from the page.  I did something that is not usual for me – I journaled on this page.  I did this because there were so many different things happening on this page, and I thought it would be important to explain them.


Europe Vacation 2015: Rhein and Geese

Europe Vacation 2015: Rhein and Geese

To end this adventurous day, we had a light supper on the Rhein at Rheinuferpark with the Reichmann’s. It was a wonderfully peaceful way to end a day that included multiple border crossings and many steps being climbed.

While we were waiting for our food a couple and the sun was setting, a couple of swans started swimming towards us up the river.  I went down to the water’s edge and snapped a couple of these pictures and thought that they were beautiful.  The color scheme for these pages was based off of the yellow sunset in the background of these pictures.

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2008: Christmas Dinner

2008: Christmas Dinner

2008: Christmas Dinner

There are many stories behind this spread of our Christmas Dinner in 2008.

Story 1: If you look carefully at the wallpaper in the background who will notice that it is “old lady” roses.  When we bought the house I knew that I would need to change out the wallpaper.  Not only was it roses – but it was also metallic – which is why I picked the background paper that I did for this spread – metallic and flowery 🙂 . I will share that that awful wallpaper is no longer there – thanks to my mom and dad who helped to strip it all.

Story 2: The tags that you see on the spread are the actual tags that I made for gifts around our tree.  Instead of names I just used the first letter of people’s names.  In our extended family (not anyone present at this Christmas) there is a tradition of people trying to snoop to figure our their gifts – so a counter tradition was started to try and label the gifts in ways so that only the giver knew what the tags meant so that people could not snoop.  When I went back to scrapbook this page I realized that I had left over paper from the letters on the tags – so I used that paper to create the borders for the photographs.

Story 3: Our family grew up in South Africa which has a culture heavily influenced by the British culture.  Therefore we always try to have Christmas “Crackers” to pull before Christmas meal – you can see them in the top picture on the left hand side if you look carefully.  The “crackers” always have a prize and a hat to wear during the meal.  I took the picture at the bottom of the right hand page of my aunt and I thought that she looked like the Queen of England – so I knew I had to put that in the scrapbook.  I am sure that she won’t be too pleased that I am sharing this picture with the world! :).

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2012: Dinner Magic Show

2012: Dinner Magic Show

2012: Dinner Magic Show

This page highlights a Dinner Magic Show, and event that I would never have thought to go to if it were not for Groupon.  I purchased greatly discounted prices and we were on our way!

The event was dinner and table magic, followed by a magic show, and was held at the Indianapolis Propylaeum.  If you click on the picture you can zoom in and read more about what a Propylaeum is on the historic marker on the left hand page.  I hand cut the historic marker photograph to make it easier to read, and then also hand cut the border that surrounds it.

Since the venue for this event was historic and elegant I picked an elegant background paper for the left hand side.  I used a corner cutter to create borders for the two photographs on the left page.EK Success Paper Shapers Corner Adorner Card Creators Punch - Trumpet Flower 7/8

For the right hand page I used a domino paper to hint at games and illusions.  It is difficult to tell from this photograph, but on this page I cut two of the dominoes out from behind the photographs and then used thick sticky pads to elevate them off of the page to add interest and dimension to the page.

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