2013: Paintball Birthday Party

2013: Paintball Birthday Party

2013: Paintball Birthday Party

My son and I share a birthday – and for 2013 we decided to celebrate by inviting our best friends in joining us to shoot at each other at White River Paintball.  I let my son decide how the teams were going to divided up and he decided that it would be he and his friends against me, my friends, and my family.  What he didn’t think about is that my brother-in-law was trained in the military and two of my friends had extensive paintball experience.  Needless to say that the “adults” won all of the rounds – but I don’t think that the teens cared too much!  Afterwards the teens celebrated their loss at Golden Corral.

Live Well Sports: Live More ActiveI had a lot of fun putting these pages together and I used mostly scraps from other projects.  I always save the scraps because they often can come in handy for livening up another spread.  I bordered all of the pictures with the same light green paper and then used corrugated paper and cork board to make the accents.  I pushed  a decorative pin through some of the accents to add more interest and depth to the spread.

You will  notice that all of the pictures of us playing paintball have the company logo on them – this is because they took pictures of the event throughout the day – since I ordered a birthday party package.  They then posted the pictures on facebook – and I was able to download and print them.  This was an awesome bonus to the event because I did not have to worry about carting a camera around all day.

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