2013: Indianapolis Zoo

2013: Indianapolis Zoo

2013: Indianapolis Zoo

Paris ToursMy sister has season passes to the Indianapolis zoo and invited our family to join them for the day. The seals are very near to the entrance to the park and Luca, our exchange student, thought that their barking was very funny.  This was our first introduction to Luca’s contagious laughter – he was so loud in his laughing that the seals started barking even more which made Luca laugh even louder which of course set the seals off even more.

I chose animal print background pages for this spread and then focused on putting as many pictures on the page as I could.  There was a massive “Ice Age” poster and I got a great shot of the boys in front of it with same surprised look as the animal characters.

As usual, I placed the map to the zoo on the outside of the plastic protector so that the viewer can open it to look at it.  On the right hand page I put the stick that we used to feed the parakeets peanut butter – if you look carefully you can still see a peanut butter stain.  I put the stick on top of the Member wristband that we used to get special perks in the park during the day.

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