2014: Medieval Times

2014: Medieval Times

2014: Medieval Times

Another one of our favorite places to visit in Chicago is Medieval Times.   I have scrapped several of our trips to Medieval Times –>  Medieval Times 2007 – Buena Vista, CAMedieval Times 2008 – Chicago (1), and Medieval Times 2008 – Chicago (2).

So we took the Reichman family to see what all the excitement was about.  We were assigned to cheer for the Black and White Knight which we dutifully did.  Since the arena is dark, it is hard to take pictures inside, and there are not many pictures in this spread.  I decided to focus instead on the ephemera collected at the event.  The back ground paper for the left hand side is the place mat setting that I removed before they started bringing out the food.  The brown paper bag on the right hand page is from the gift store and inside is a napkin from the event.  I also carefully cut Luca’s “Crown” to put on the page as well.

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