Disney Vacation 2008: EPCOT – Test Track

Disney Vacation 2008 - Test Track

Disney Vacation 2008 – Test Track

When I was planning our Disney World trip I knew that we would want to ride Test Track and I knew that the lines would be long to get on this ride.  So my son and I moved as quickly as we could (without running) to get to Test Track as soon as we were allowed to enter the park.  We ended up being the first people in line!

Disney Tip: Get to the Park early and go the most popular rides firstthat way you won’t have to spend a lot of time later waiting in line.

At the beginning of the ride Disney took two automated pictures which you can purchase after the ride.  Fortunately we had Photopass, so I was able to connect those photos to our account which we purchased later when we were at home.

Disney Tip: Photopass – is a card that you can get that is scanned each time a Disney photographer takes your pictureIt allows you to order all of your pictures later from home, and to manipulate and add Disney characters to them.  Some select rides also allow the automated pictures from the ride to be added to your photopass.

If you look carefully at these pages you will notice that two of the pictures are the official Test Track photos and they came with a caution border.  I wanted to continue these theme to the other pictures on this page so I used a think black marker to draw lines on yellow paper to create these frames.  I did it freehand and so some a little crooked.  If I were to do this again I would use a ruler to make the lines straight.

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