2016: Branson - Inspiration Tower

2016: Branson – Inspiration Tower

2016: Branson - Inspiration Tower
One of the most beautiful places in Branson, MO, is Inspiration Tower.  Inspiration Tower is part of the Shepherd of the Hills complex, which is the original sight seeing location that started the vacation city of Branson, MO.

We visited this site to help my mother achieve her second goal for the trip – to ride a zipline!  I chose a blue theme for this spread to showcase the blue skies in many of my photos from the location.

The left hand background page is actually a picture that I took (How to turn your photos into a background page).  The photos on the left hand page are bordered in the same material as the right hand side background paper which helps to tie the two sides together.

I created a triple right hand side border with two jagged edge strips and a straight edge strip.   If you have been keeping up with my posts about this Branson Album, you will know that I tried to incorporate sewing into every spread.  On this spread I sewed lines that extended the ziplines from the left hand page, across the right hand page, and these can best be seen in this photo on the light blue right border edge.


“Our Ziplining Adventure” Scrapbook Kit

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