2016: Museum of Tolerance

2016: Museum of Tolerance

2016: Museum of Tolerance
While on Christmas vacation in California we visited the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. In my opinion this is one of the best Holocaust museums that I have been to in the United States. (See my visit to Mauthausen in Austria, for what has been the most impactful experience.)

For this spread I used one of my own photographs of the museum interior for the right hand page – discover how to do this HERE.  I did not take many pictures within the exhibits as they were so impactful that it felt like it would be inappropriate to do so.  So the right hand page only has one picture of a sculpture in the main area, and the other items are all ephemera that we collected on the trip.  The orange squares are our visitor stickers which allowed us entrance to the museum.  The two brochures are affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that they viewer can open them and read them.  I chose a black background paper for this spread to honor the somberness of the experience.

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