2017: Dr Keith Newman Inauguration 1

2017: Dr Keith Newman Inauguration – Southern Nazarene University

2017: Dr Keith Newman Inauguration 1
Tomorrow I am headed to have a job shadowing experience with one of my mentors, Dr Keith Newman, who is currently serving as the President of Southern Nazarene University.  In November 2017 Dr Newman was inaugurated, and I was invited to be at the ceremony.  Afterwards I took items from the ceremony, along with pictures that I had taken, to turn into a scrapbook of the event, along with a place to store greeting cards and letters that he received.

I chose to do this album in the smaller 8.5 by 11 size so that it would be easier to fit on a shelf, and also because it would handle any letters that were received better.  The Intro page shown above is done in the red, white, gray and black colors of Southern Nazarene University, and I cut the front page of the program out and did a triple border to give the page presence.  I continued this color scheme throughout the entire album.

2017: Dr Keith Newman Inauguration 2
This second spread has pictures from the Inauguration ceremony.  The scripture verse was cut from the program.  I used two techniques to over come the blue in the pictures, which did not lend itself well to the color scheme.  The first was to do a double border around the pictures in gray and black, and the second was do add a thin strip of torn border to the edges to bring that color onto the background of the pages.  I also chose to use a 5×7 print on the left hand page so that it would help that moment to stand out on the page.

2017: Dr Keith Newman Inauguration 3
The third spread is of Dr Newman speaking at the banquet after the ceremony, and includes the program from that event.  I continued the red, white, gray, and black color theme onto this page, and used a ribbon from a gift that Dr Newman had given me to border the left hand side.  I affixed this by wrapping it around the page and affixed it on the back with tape.

2017: Dr Keith Newman Inauguration 4
The fourth spread is the introduction to the section made for letters and cards.  The left hand side has the program from the event which can be removed from the plastic page protector so that the viewer can read it.  The right hand side has a double border, and I used my sewing machine to stitch the pattern to hold down the border.

2017: Dr Keith Newman Inauguration 5
This is the last spread, and is the first page of the cards and letters.  I wrote a personal letter to Dr Newman and put it on the left hand side, but I did not want to post it publicly so I removed it before I took the picture.  The right hand side contains pictures of Dr Newman and I, as well as a group photo of a group of former colleagues of his that went to the Inauguration ceremony.  Again I used my sewing machine to add the leaf border to the torn borders on the right hand side of the page.

I filled the rest of the album with red paper to serve as background for any further letters and cards that Dr Newman wanted to add to the book.

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