2017: SpringHill Camp

2017: SpringHill Camp

2017: SpringHill Camp
The summer after his Senior year my son worked at SpringHill Camps in Southern Indiana.  I chose a wood theme to compliment the outdoor feel of camp.  I was able to find a SVG file of the camp logo online, and used Cricut Design Space and my Cricut machine to cut out the logo for this spread.  If you look carefully at the borders you will see that I used my sewing machine to stitch a leaf pattern to hold the border strips down.  Some of these pictures are ones that he took himself, and some are the professional camp pictures that included him, that I was able to download off of the website.

The pink card is my son’s camp name badge and I affixed it to the plastic page protector using the magnet strip of the name tag.  That way he could take it back off if he wished to.

Levi went to this camp for many years so I have several scrapbooks that have camp spreads:

2008: SpringHill Camp

2016 SpringHill Camp

2016: Fall SpringHill Camp


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