2016 SpringHill Camp

2016 SpringHill Camp 1
Almost every year for the past 9 years my son has attended SpringHill Camps in Seymour, IN. He loves being there, and I love the way that the camp engages him as a camper, and me as a parent. This year he went in the TST program – which is a program for High School students were they volunteer to help at camp, but also get to participate in the activities.

For these two spreads (Above and below) I chose a fun colorful theme to emphasize the excitement and enjoyment of camp.  I used complimentary colored border paper for the pictures, and made sure that some of the ephemera from camp made it onto the pages – things like wristbands, dog tags, and luggage delivery tags.

Note: I took these pictures after they were already in the album.  I normally take the pictures before I put them in the album as it is easier to get them to be flat.  See the picture of the swan above?  It looks crooked, but it is actually not – it is just an optical illusion since the page is not laying completely level in the album.

2016 SpringHill Camp 2
See the scrapbook of our first year at SpringHill Camp – 2008. He has grown up quite a bit hasn’t he?

Summer Camp Collection Kit

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