Germany 2017: Flight

Germany 2017: Flight

Germany 2017: Flight
I love flying SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) – the flights are always pleasant and the food and service is excellent.  When I take international trip I like to scrapbook about the flights. Some of this is because I feel like I am flying on exotic airlines, but also because I like to put the trip routes into perspective on the page – to show how far away from home we have traveled.

I chose a cloud background page for this spread to remind me of the beautiful clouds that we flew over on this trip.  The left hand page has the SAS “puke bag”, my ticket for the flight, and a picture of the airplane taken from the Chicago terminal.

The right hand page has a postcard from the Copenhagen airport where I had my layover.  I took the inflight magazine from the plane (which you are allowed to do), and used a circle cutter to cut out the maps at the back so that I could show the route of the flights that I took.  I like these maps as they usually show a view of the world that we don’t usually see and it helps to make obvious the route of the flight.  To see more of what I mean by this look at European Vacation 2015: Flight – the page I made for our flight in Summer 2015 that took the same route.  It shows how two different maps of the same place can skew the perspective.

I used my Cricut machine to cut out the airplane on this spread – I like to do this rather than use pre-bought ones so that I can pick the colors of the cutout plane to match the colors of the real plane.

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