Cancun 2017: Trip to Cozumel

Cancun 2017: Trip to Cozumel

Cancun 2017: Trip to Cozumel
As we were leaving for the airport I learned that my aunt was going to be about an hour away on the Island of Cozumel, so we decided to take a day to go and visit with her.  She has a timeshare condo right near the port and we got to watch the departure of the Harmony of the Seas – which I believe is the world’s largest Cruise ship.  We enjoyed being on the beach, snorkeling, walking to the city center, and some really good food 🙂

I was able to find this very busy Cozumel background paper, and complimented that with the beach background paper to show off our pictures from this day adventure.  On the left hand page I used a light tan border on the photos to help them stand out against the busy background, but also to tie it to the tan sand from the right hand page.  I did not use a border or the photos on the right hand page as I wanted as much of the background to show through as possible.

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