50th Anniversary: Dollywood - Glass Blowing

50th Anniversary: Dollywood – Glass Blowing

50th Anniversary: Dollywood - Glass Blowing
One of my nieces wanted to make a glass Christmas ornament at the Glass Blowing Shop at Dollywood. My mother helped her to do this, and this was one of her special memories from the day.

I chose the colors for this spread from the colors of the ornament that my niece made – red and blue.  I cut the ornaments for this spread using my Cricut machine – and if you look carefully you can see the the blue sparkly cut actually made it onto the page in 3 different places.  Starting on the right is the ornament – then next is the cutout of the ornament in a circle, and then the left hand page is the left over of that circle!  I also did something similar with the two red ornaments and cutouts.

The journalling block on this page is the red circle inside the ornament on the right – my mother wrote on it after I took a picture of this spread.  I cut a ribbon for the border on the left side of the page, and attached it to the backside of the cardboard with tape.  I then used my sewing machine to stitch the start pattern on the border.  I then placed a metal butterfly on the page over the border to remind the viewer of the Dollywood logo.  The right hand border is some fuzzy ribbon that I attached to the back of the page using tape.

: Glass Blowers at Dollywood  I found a video of the artist in these pictures at work on YouTube and thought that you might enjoy watching it.

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