50th Anniversary: Dollywood – Train

50th Anniversary: Dollywood – Train

50th Anniversary: Dollywood – Train
Near the end of the day we decided to ride the Dollywood Express train to give everyone a rest – you can see from the pictures that some of the family were already pretty tired!

For this spread I used some yellow butterfly background paper and paired it with some train paper that I actually had leftover from a Hogwarts Express project (I decided not to use it there).   I used yellow paper for the border for the photo on the left hand page, and also for the journalling block that I made for my mother to journal on later.  I cut this out with my Cricut machine, and let me tell you that it was very time consuming to poke out all the little blocks between the railroad ties!

On the right hand side I used a grey border for the photos to tie in with the grey on the background – but also the color of the left hand page.  Also notice that the butterflies made it onto this page as well 🙂

50th Anniversary: Dollywood – Train - 2nd AlbumSecond Album: I made my personal pages for these event a little different since I did not need to create journalling space for my album.  I used some of the same background paper and pictures, but also made a train silhouette using my Cricut machine. If this looks familiar it is because it is the same cut I used for my Hogwart’s Express pages, just made smaller.

Dollywood Express Train Ride.

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