2018: Indiana Road Trip - Pacers vs Utah Jazz Game

2018: Indiana Road Trip – Pacers vs Utah Jazz Game

2018: Indiana Road Trip - Pacers vs Utah Jazz Game
The final spread of our time with the Pacers highlights the game against the Utah Jazz that we had the pleasure of attending that night. After half time we had the honor of standing in the entrance tunnel to “high five” the players as they came back onto the court.

For this spread I used pre-printed Pacers paper and did not do much more to the layout.  You will notice the basketball brad in the bottom right hand corner which ties the three spreads together, and the tickets on the left hand page which have all the information about the game, including the date, which creates the chronological record within the whole scrapbook.  I am proud of how I handled the program on this page.  It was quite thick, and so I carefully removed the staples hold it together, and used only the cover and the middle page (which has the stats for all of the players).  I used double sided tape to stick these together on the edges so it can still be opened to read, and affixed the whole thing to the outside of the plastic page protectors.

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