2018: Indiana Road Trip - Pacers Pregame

2018: Indiana Road Trip – Pacers Pregame

2018: Indiana Road Trip - Pacer's Pregame
The second spread of our time with the Pacers highlights the pregame warm ups that we were privileged to attend.  I used a pre-created Pacers paper set for the background and bordered the ephemera and the photos with a solid orange background.  I used a jagged edge tearing tool to create the double border on the right hand side.  The bottom black layer of this edge helps to create balance with the black lines of the basketball on the left hand page.  Notice that the basketball brad in the bottom right hand corner helps to tie this spread together with the two other Pacers spread of this experience.

On the left hand side are our pregrame floor passes.  These are stickers, and whenever I get some kind of sticker at an event or a location I am very careful to keep the backing, so that when I remove the sticker from my clothes I am able to put it back on that backing.  Sometimes you are able to re-peel the sticker off of that backing, but even if not, it keeps the sticker from sticking to everything else, and then you can carefully trim it when you are ready to use in a spread.  Notice that the pass has the date on it, which helps to memorialize the date so one does not have to journal it anywhere on the page.

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