2010: Upward Soccer 1

2010: Upward Soccer

A few days ago I shared a spread about Upward Basketball – today I am sharing two spreads I made of my son in the Upward Soccer League. Like Upward Basketball this program allowed him to engage in his love of sport, but did not demand a ton of time every week as I wanted to maintain family time during this stage of our lives. It meant one hour practice on Saturday mornings, followed by a game the same day. It was a good way for our family to enter the foray into sports.

2010: Upward Soccer 1

The first of the two spreads has the official team photos, and since they are fairly large I decided to just put one picture on each page, with action shots from the games on the second spread below. I made the picture frame from the left hand page, and the soccer player cutout on the right hand page using my Cricut Machine and the Soccer cartridge. You can also see a green star at the top of the left hand page. That was one of the “awards” that my son after a game

2010: Upward Soccer 2

For this second spread the theme was the pictures taken from the games. Like the basketball uniforms, the soccer uniforms are actually reversible, so he is actually wearing the same uniform in all of these pictures. I chose to use a Circle Cutter to cut all of the pictures into circles to hint at the shape of a soccer ball, but also to create more space on the page to put on the cutouts of players and soccer balls (made with my Cricut Machine from the same soccer cartridge) that also made it onto these pages.

Looking back on these pages after 10 years the one thing that I think that I would change would be to put borders on the right and left sides of the second spread to help create a boundary for this spread. Most likely I would have used a dark green border that was about one inch wide and placed the cutouts on top of it.

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