2010: South Bend Chocolate Factory - Visit 2

2010: South Bend Chocolate Factory – Visit 2

2010: South Bend Chocolate Factory - Visit 2

After Christmas the whole family visited the South Bend Chocolate Company.

I know, you are saying “Didn’t we already see this spread?”. Nope – that one was from our Spring Break trip in 2010. But now that the whole family was together again for Christmas we needed to take a second visit!

I chose a candy corn background page for this spread. I detest candy corn by the way, but it did work nicely with the color theme of this page which came from the gold and orange ephemera that is placed on the spread.

For the left hand page all of the photos are square to match chocolate squares on the table. I very carefully cut the transparent plastic cover off of one of the boxes of chocolate that we purchased, and then used brads to attach it to a piece of yellow cardstock (bottom left hand corner).

On the right hand page I cut all of the pictures of us enjoying our chocolate covered golden spoons into an oval shape to mimic the shape of the head of a spoon. Tickets and coasters are included on both pages as well as some chocolate box stickers that some of the workers gave me when I told them that I would use them to scrapbook this event.

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