2010: Christmas

2010: Christmas

2010: Christmas

Christmas 2010 was spent at my parent’s house in Northern Indiana. I chose a green theme for this spread because I used Christmas cards and tags from the celebration on the page, and they were green! I know that these are not traditional Christmas colors – but a Christmas tree is green so I think that it is great.

The left hand page has a “Peace” Christmas card at the top and some picture of my son and mother enjoying opening and showing off Christmas gifts. Another Christmas card serves as an offset border for the picture of my mother. I used my Cricut Machine machine to cut out the elves hat and the Christmas tree on the far right corner, as well as the title letters at the top of the right hand page.

The modern looking Christmas tree on the right hand page is actually one of the Christmas tags that was on one of our gifts. If you are wondering what the crazy contraption on my dads head is – it s focusing game that measures your brain activity to increase and decrease the volume of air that is holding up the blue ball in the picture so that you can use your mind to put the ball through obstacles. I don’t think any of us were really any good at it!

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