2019 – Bob Evans Farm

As we continued our road trip home from the wedding, we stopped at the Bob Evans Farm in Grande, Ohio, which has the original Homestead, now turned into a museum, and is the location of the first Bob Evans restaurant. We ate in the restaurant, toured the museum, and walked around the historic grounds which has many historic buildings which have been moved to this site.

I used a swinging shutter plastic page protector for this spread, which I have not down before. I really like the way that it turned out, and it is unfortunate that these pages are really hard to find now as they are no longer being made.

The left-hand side of this spread contains pictures from inside the Homestead Museum. I chose white and red for the themes of these pages, to match the colors of the Bob Evans logo. The “Bob Evans” title at the top actually comes from the cutout of the barn that you can see on the right-hand page. I made this design in Cricut Design Studio. I was able to find an SVG of the Bob Evans logo online, and I “grouped” the barn and logo designs together so that it would cut in the correct place. If you look closely, you can see a vertical cut line running down the middle of this page. This splits open, using the Swinging Shutter Plastic Page Protector to reveal this:

The middle part with the grass background is a full 12×12 page, with two 12×6 wings. The main page is a picture of my friend Austin in front of the entrance sign, a picture of the farm barn, and the menu from the restaurant. The left wing is a cutout of the paper bag from the gift shop, and the right wing contains pictures and a post card from the restaurant and the Homestead.

This was one of my favorite projects and is a neat way to get 4 full spreads into the space of two. Hopefully C-line – the maker of these Swinging Shutters and the Panoramic page protectors can be convinced to start making them again.

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