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2015: Michigan Fall Farm Trip

2015: Michigan Fall Farm Trip
One weekend we decided to take a quick day trip up to Michigan and we visited a farm that allowed you to self pick pumpkins and apples!

So obviously I had to pick pumpkin background for this spread.  I used an orange plaid paper to border the photographs on the right hand page, but I did not use any border on the left hand page.  You will also notice a peacock feather on the left hand page that we found in the farm yard.  I really struggled with how I was going to attach the feather to the page.  I ended up using tape to tape down the spine, and then used thick mounting tabs to attach the photograph over the spine.  This means that this photograph sticks out from the page, but it also adds some nice depth to the page.



2009: Horse Grooming

2009: Horse Grooming

2009: Horse Grooming

Earlier in the year we went to a charity silent auction and I purchased a couple of experiences for our family. One of thee was a horse grooming session.

Now to some this may seem like I paid money so that we could work for someone for free – and while that is close to the truth – the first time around – it is a lot of fun.

For this page I chose a color scheme that mimicked the color of the horse – brown.  I was fortunate enough to find background papers at my local scrapbook store that horse and farm themes.  The two horses on the left hand page are actually a laser cut that I also found at our local scrapbook store.

I bordered all of the photographs and the gift certificate in brown as well, and then added some Jolee’s cowboy stickers to finish out the page.   While this page is fairly simple in design, I feel that it works well to highlight the photographs on the page.

2008: Farms and Birthdays

2008: Farms and Birthdays

2008: Farms and Birthdays

This spread is an example of putting two different events together in a single spread. We had a day at a farm and a few days earlier we had celebrated my Grandmother’s Birthday. Even though these are two different events I created the spread so that they blend together well.

Notice that I used the same corner punch to create the borders for the pictures on both pages, and that I used the same two colors for those borders.

If you look carefully at the picture of my grandmother holding her wrapped gift you will notice that I used my Cricut for the lettering and graphics on her gift as well.  The next picture shares what we gave her – a Thomas Kinkade print!

When we were at the farm we took a hay ride and got covered in hay.  I had to pay tribute to that by putting a hay border edge along the left hand side of the spread.


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