2019: World of Coca-Cola

When we were visiting my son in Georgia, we went up to Atlanta and visited the World of Coca-Cola. This is a must experience venue in Atlanta, and it gave me the opportunity to create this series of pages that are some of my favorites that I have ever done!

Two of my favorite parts of the experience are seeing all of the memorabilia that they have and trying all of the flavors of soda that they have at the end of the tour – alright – almost all the flavors – I can’t stand Beverly – I would suggest trying it once to say you did though.

The above spread is actually the opening cover to a double panoramic 4 page spread that can be seen below. I chose red and white for the theme of this spread to match the Coca-Cola logo colors. The left-hand page has the backside of my receipt from the venue store as a border, and pictures from outside the museum and in the starting area at the entrance to the museum. The right-hand page has our tickets, and pictures from the experience. All of these items have a thin border of white to help them stand out against the red background. The right-hand page is bordered with a white Coca-Cola bottle which I cut out using my Cricut Machine. These pages are inserted into two panoramic plastic page protectors so that when you open them outward you see this:

Click on this image to get a larger version to see in more detail

This is a four-page spread that contains pictures from the experience, postcards, a bag from the Coca-Cola store, and glasses from the 3D movie as borders on the edges. There is a map of the venue on the third from the left panel which is attached to the outside of the plastic page protectors so that the view can open it. In the right-most panel you can see a picture that has 4 rows of soda fountain flavors. I used a photo editing software to combine 4 pictures into one so you can see all of the flavors that I tried.

The second panel from the left has a background paper that is made from a large paper shopping bag which I got at the gift store at the end of the experience. I used a black cardboard background sheet and attached it to the bag, and then from the back cut the excess off so that it would make a perfect 12×12 sheet. On top of that is a folder with our official photos from the event. The viewer is able to open it to see this:

To achieve this effect, I actually cut the plastic page protector and slide part of the photo folder under the plastic. Here is a tutorial on How to Create an Opening Folder, that has step by step instructions, and an instructional video.

I had been to this location in 2010 while attending a conference so I knew what to expect, and I had made a smaller spread for that experience: 2010: World of Coca-Cola and CNN Studio Tour. And while I am sharing other Coke related pages, here is “Remodeling my Sons Room” which had a Coca-Cola theme.

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