2019: Henry Ford – Presidents

The Henry Ford Museum of Innovation contains several presidential historic items. The left-hand page has a picture of the chair that President Abraham Lincoln was sitting in when he was assassinated. I chose the theme colors of the page based on the color of the chair. I double bordered the photograph in maroon and black to help it stand out on the page. I used a copy of the Gettysburg Address and my Cricut Machine to cut out a silhouette of Abraham Lincoln for the page and backed that with the same maroon as the photo border.

The right-hand page has pictures of the car that President Kennedy was assassinated in as well the Reagan Presidential limousine. I placed these pictures adjacent to each other without any spacing between so that the full pictures could fit on the page. If you look closely, you can see that the border on the left side of the photographs actually is on the left-hand page. If you look closely at the border on the righthand side actually goes under the photograph, but on top of the border. This allows for a border on the photos and the page, while still allowing the full photograph to be seen which goes all the way to the edge of the spread.

Below is a YouTube video of me creating this spread. It is my first spread creation page and runs about half an hour. I realized that this was too long, and most of my more recent videos are now less than 10 minutes. You can fast forward through parts that are a little long.

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