2019: Henry Ford – Museum of Innovation

On our second day at the Henry Ford complex we visited the Museum of Innovation. This extensive museum houses many American historical artifacts that I will share over the next few pages.

The left-hand page background is the left over from the cutout made for the previous Rouge Ford Factory page, which was then placed on top of a headlight photograph page. This continues the theme that this museum is part of the Henry Ford complex, while also highlighting the collection of automobiles and other vehicles on display at the museum. The left-hand page contains our tickets for an Insiders tour (which helps to set a date and time for this adventure), as well as the Thomas Edison signature in cement that was created for the opening of the Henry Ford Complex.

The right-hand page has a train tracks photographic background to highlight the locomotive on the page. I also used the left-over cutout from the white circle cut on the previous page and used it to highlight part of a post card that I purchased in the Greenfield Village vintage post office. I used a think brown border on all the photos and then added an extra white border on the photo set that is on top of the brown background. This helps these photos to stand out and helps to tie the two pages together.

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