2021: Riversport White Water Rafting

The second day of the Presidents Leadership Class retreat we went to RiverSport in Oklahoma City for white water rafting and some tubing. You may find this interesting, but this is one of the best man-made rapids that I have experienced, and I had an incredible time there. I might have to admit that I got stuck in a tube in front of all of our students, and also got ejected from the raft while my foot stayed inside the raft which gave pleasure to the students and my colleagues.

I had a lot of fun creating this spread. The background was created byt making several wave cuts of various shades of blue to give the wavy appearance. I had to be very careful to line these up so that they would flow evenly between the two pages, and you can see how I did that in the video below.

The left-hand page has ephemera from the trip including parts of two wristbands from the experience at the bottom, and two brochures which were attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that they could be opened to be read. One of the wrist bands contains the date and time of the experience which helps to place it in context within the album.

The right-hand page shares three pictures of me from the day – one is a selfie, and the other two were texted to me by students and colleagues at the event. I chose not to mat these pictures so that more of the wavy background could be seen. The one at the top is just seconds from when I got stuck in the inner tube! I used my Cricut machine to cut out the rafter and rafters, using colors similar to those in the brochure pictures. Notice that I kept the background page waves wider at the point where the cutout is to help it stand out against the busy background. I chose to overlap a photo with the cutout so that it could be bigger, and the overlap creates the effect of motion on the page, which was very much the experience of that day.

Here are some scrapbook spreads of some of my other white water rafting experiences:

Recently for most of my scrapbook creations I have also created videos that show me putting them together and talking about the experiences as well as the techniques that I am using. So please enjoy watching this spread being created and assembled:

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