Europe Vacation: White Water Rafting in Austria and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: White Water Rafting in Austria and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Live Well SportsI am going to feature two spreads for this post as I used a technique that involves both spreads.  But first, the background to the event.  We had opportunity to white water raft in Austria and the in the first picture, the left hand page is a picture that was taken of us on that trip.  Unfortunately I did not do any journaling and I can’t remember then name of the river, just that I had a blast doing it.  The lesson to be learned is to always journal the important details so that you can remember them later.

The right hand side of the first picture shows the ephemera for our tram ride up Mt Pilatus, Switzerland, where we stayed at a hotel at the top!  More on that hotel later.  I used a corner cutter technique that I think turned out very well on the borders to the ephemera.  I cut them out and then carefully placed white paper behind the cut which really made the cuts stand out.  You will also notice that the journaling asks the reader a question and the arrow invites them to the next page – which in fact ties this right hand page to the next spread (see the second picture):

Europe Vacation: White Water Rafting in Austria and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: White Water Rafting in Austria and Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland - tram ride

Europe Vacation: Mt Pilatus, Switzerland – tram ride

The journey to the top of the mountain took 1.5 hours and we had to change trams part way through the journey.  I placed the photos from the bottom left to the upper right to give the impression of the height of the mountain.  I used a pre-made tree border at the bottom of the spread and actually covered some of the pictures.  This was what a good portion of the ride felt like as we were surrounded by trees.  If you look at the right hand side you will see two Hotels.  The top one is the one that we stayed in which was the original hotel.  Queen

Pilatus (mountain)

Pilatus (mountain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Victoria stayed in this hotel.  The second one, which looks more modern, was built later and was completely round – we ate supper and breakfast the next morning in this building.

If you look carefully in the bottom picture you can see a tiny chapel that was built way up in the mountains.  Notice that the picture of the modern hotel has been cut along the outline of the mountain. This was done so that all the pictures could fit together without overlapping important parts, and I really like the way this turned out.  I did this very carefully with a precision pair of scissors so that the cuts would be perfect.  Be careful when considering doing this as you could end up ruining the photograph.

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