2022: Stone Sister's Pizza Bar

2022: Stone Sister’s Pizza Bar

2022: Stone Sister's Pizza Bar

During our day at the Oklahoma State Capitol we took a quick trip to Stone Sister’s Pizza Bar for lunch. This is one of the restaurants that has been featured on Triple D: Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and so I was pretty excited about adding it to my Triple D Bucket List. Guy Fieri is the host of the show and always leaves a tag on the wall and I like to try and get pictures of these tags.

I decided to try and create a spray paint look on the pages to match the spray paint tag and I used an archival blue spray paint bottle to create the spray paint marks. Unfortunately, this technique ended up warping the paper as it dried. To solve this dilemma, I used two techniques: First I ironed the blue background pages to help flatten them out, and then I also attached them to a thick black cardstock paper to help them hold their shape. You can see in the picture that they are still a little wrinkled, but it is much flatter than it was at first.

I was able to find an SVG of Guy’s tag signature as well as a simple graphic of his face and knew that I wanted to get both of these on the page. I imported both of them into Cricut Design Space and then used the outline feature to create the border around the graphics and the photos, which I then cut out using my Cricut machine.

I used the same technique on the left-hand page, with the pizza graphic being one of the designs available in Cricut Design Studio. All of the pictures, except for the signature tag, are from outside of the restaurant. I didn’t take any pictures inside as I was too busy enjoying the amazing pizzas and the time with friends.

List of my other Triple D restaurant scrapbook spreads:

Lately I have been videoing the creation of my scrapbook pages and so if you would like to watch the process click below:

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