2013: Shopping and The Shaved Duck

2013: Shopping and The Shaved Duck

2013: Shopping and The Shaved Duck

160 x 600 One of our last family activities together before the going away party was to go shopping together in St Louis and then to eat at a Triple D Restaurant – “The Shaved Duck“.

While we were shopping our exchange student found a glasses kiosk that sold fun glasses and we had to try them on.  Our favorite was the pixelated glasses which really makes it look like the glasses were added later with a computer.  Our exchange student’s mother had also asked him to buy some lotions at Victoria’s secret – so we got a crack out of carrying the Victoria’s secret bag around the mall 🙂

English: Food Network star Guy Fieri judges a ...

English: Food Network star Guy Fieri judges a dish during the Iron Chef BBQ Competition at the Tiki Bar Monday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of our new family traditions is to try and eat at Triple D featured restaurants whenever we travel.  There is a website called http://www.flavortownusa.com/ that you can use to located restaurants close to where you are.  Since these restaurants have been featured on TV, they usually are very full, and we usually try to eat off schedule (usually 3pm) to get into them without a wait.

The Shaved Duck was amazing and we had a great time.  We always order everything that was featured on the TV show, and have never been disappointed. We were even able to get the chef who had been featured on the show to come out and spend a little time with us.  Guy Fieri always leaves a tag in the restaurant and we get a picture of it.

This was one of those times where I had pictures that I wanted to use, but not enough for a double spread.  For the shopping I picked the pink color from the Victoria’s Secret bag, and for the Shaved Duck I pulled the green from the sign and the green in my son’s shirt.  In order to tie the two pages together I used background pages that were in the same tone, and then to add visual interest to the page I layered torn papers within the same color family to each side.

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