2022: Paintball 1

2022: Paintball 1

2022: Paintball 1

My son joined a Division 5 paintball team a couple of years ago, and during the 2022 season he sent me a bunch of pictures that their professional photographer had taken of the team and during events. I thought that they were really cool, and so, even though I had not gone to any of the events in these pictures I wanted to create a couple of spreads to showcase these amazing photographs.

For the background of this spread I chose photographic papers of grass and the sky to mimic the photographs on the bottom of the pages. I made a simple tear of the grass page and then used each half on both pages – I carefully cut the cloud page and then attached both halves onto a thick black cardstock to keep them sturdy.

I used Cricut Design Space to design the graphics and the matting for this spread. The paint splashes, title, and gray matting were then cut out with my Cricut machine. For the paintball mask and the paintball gun I used graphics and the draw setting and a marker in my Cricut machine. I grouped these images together with the gray mat so that the Cricut machine drew them and then cut out the matting in one process. The mat was created using the “offset” feature in Cricut Design Space. If you have a Cricut Machine you can access this design at https://design.cricut.com/landing/project-detail/63e96e948456707a1c186d9a

I videoed the creative process in creating this spread which you can watch on my YouTube channel below:

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