2022: Chickasaw National Capitol

2022: Chickasaw National Capitol

2022: Chickasaw Nation Capitol

During Spring Break 202 my parents and I went on a daytrip to Tishomingo, Oklahoma to visit the Chickasaw National Capitol. I thought that it would be a busy day since it was Spring Break, but we actually enjoyed most of the days activities all by ourselves which was nice as we could talk with the docents and did not feel rushed or crowded.

The Chickasaw National Capitol website shares “The Chickasaw National Capitol was built in 1898 and served as the seat of the Chickasaw government until Oklahoma statehood in 1906. Today, the capitol building is a museum and a reminder that the Chickasaw people fought for their tribal identity and independence.

I chose the brick background paper to mimic the stone of the building. I used grey matting on the white brick, and white matting on the grey brick to bring contrast to the spread, but also to tie the two of them together. I used Cricut Design Space to design the mats and my Cricut machine to complete the drawing and the cuts.

The left-hand page has the program from the Capitol which will be attached to the outside of the plastic page protector, and a section of a map showing the route that we drove from our home to Tishomingo, OK. I used a red marker to trace the route. The Title and the car/road trip graphic were drawn using the pen/draw feature of the Cricut machine.

The right-hand page has pictures that I took outside of the Capitol building and includes a center graphic of a traditional Chickasaw symbol that was cut out using my Cricut machine.

Below is a video of me putting this spread together and sharing more about the trip:

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