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2016: St Louis Gateway Arch

2016: St Louis Arch 2
The next stop on our Spring Break Road Trip was the St Louis Gateway Arch, officially known as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.  This has been one of my favorite places to visit, and I have been up it over 10 times in the last 20 years.  We have made sure to take all of our exchange students to experience it.

Visitor Tip:  The lines to ride up to the top can be long.  Either order your tickets online, or get there first thing in the morning.  You will have to stand in line to get your tickets, then in another line to go through security, and then in a third line to actually get on the tram to take you to the top.

I chose a blue theme for this page to play off of the beautiful blue in the pictures looking up at the arch.  The left hand page has a date stamp from the museum in the middle of the pictures, which logs the date that we were at the museum.  The right hand page also has the ticket for the tram, which also logs the date and time of our trip to the top.  The 4 pictures on this page are from the top of the Arch looking to the East and West.

2016: St Louis Arch 1
This second spread of our trip to the Arch contains the brochures from the various parts of the experience.  As there were so many brochures I chose to not mount them to the page, but rather selected a pre-printed Arch background paper, and then just slipped it and the brochures into the plastic page protector.  The brochures do slip around quite a bit inside the pocket, but it was the easiest way to allow the reader to view all of the brochures if they wish.

The left hand page is actually a left over cut out from another spread that I did from an earlier visit to the Arch.  I used a blue background paper to put behind the left over cut out and it creates a reverse video effect of the arch.  I used a needle nose pair of scissors to carefully trim the photographs to fit the inner curve of the arch, and a circle cutter to cut out the hole in the top left hand corner.  I put a stamp from the museum in this hole to designate the date of this event.  The medallion in the bottom right of this page was purchased at the museum store.

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2016: Museum of Transportation

2016: Museum of Transportation
The next stop on our Spring Break Road Trip was the Museum of Transportation in St Louis, MO.  I have been a huge fan of trains ever since I was a little kid – so this was a great treat for me.  The museum houses cars and carriages, but what is most impressive is their massive collection of train engines and railway cars!  This is a great experience for the whole family, but I would suggest bringing a stroller if you have small kids, because there is some walking and elevation changes involved.  Most of the museum is outside, so dress with the weather in mind.

For this spread I used two background papers – rock on the left, and road signs on the right.  The left hand page has pictures from the museum on a gray border, and a small brad in the middle of a car.  The right hand page is a pocket that I created to hold the brochures from the museum.  I cut the train out using my Cricut Machine, and then used adhesive tape to affix it to the bottom and the sides of the background paper, making a pocket that the brochures could slide into.  The red strip in the top right hand corner is the entrance wristband from the museum.

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