2015: Getty Center

2015: Getty Center
One of our vacation days we decided to visit the Getty Center, an incredible art museum in Los Angeles.  When you arrive at the museum you are directed to the parking garage, and from there to an electric tram/train which takes you to the museum.  The trip on the tram winds through the hills and you get some great views of downtown LA.  We went in the afternoon, and realized that we were going to get stuck in bad LA rush hour traffic, so we decided to stay at the museum until we could see the sunset from one of the balconies and we got some incredible pictures which you can see in the spread above.  We also created an artistic photograph of our shadows on the rocks of one of the fountains.

In addition to our pictures at the museum, this spread also includes a postcard picture of the museum as well as the museum map and guide – which is affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the reader can open it to view it fully.

I choose a blue/gray theme for this page as it plays off of the colors in Henry’s sweater as well as the colors of the brochure and the museum buildings.  The two strips on the right hand page are actually coffee stirrers from the coffee we had while waiting for the sunset to start.  These were my attempt at being artsy on the scrapbook pages about an art museum πŸ™‚ .

Visitor Hint:  Go to this museum first thing in the morning.  We waited for 1 hour in line just to get into the parking building when we tried to go in the afternoon.  While it was cool to see the sunset from the museum, I would have preferred to not wait in such a long line of cars to get into the venue.

The Getty Center (Architecture in Detail)

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