2015: Golf 'n Stuff and Vintage McDonalds

2015: Golf ‘n Stuff and Vintage McDonalds

2015: Golf 'n Stuff and Vintage McDonalds

While in California we were able to do visit two iconic places – the first was to go to Golf ‘n Stuff, which was featured in the movie “The Karate Kid“, and we visited the oldest operating McDonald’s which is still operating and also includes a small museum.  Visit this Wikipedia site to learn about the history of this McDonald’s.

I was living near Golf ‘n Stuff in 1984 when the Karate Kid came out and when we recognized a favorite place of ours in this iconic movie we about went wild!  So every time I go back to CA to visit I make sure to stop by and remember my teen years.

For this spread I decided to combine these two events/places, because I did not really have enough to fill a double spread if presented independently.  So I chose a green background for the left hand page to represent the green of the mini golf course grass and then also extended this into the right hand side page to help the spread blend together.  For the left hand page I also used a red background, and cut a “golden arch” using my Cricut Machine.   I also cut the golf ball design for the left page using the Cricut Machine.

Notice that I used red to create the borders for the pictures on both pages to help tie the two sides together, as well as adding a double border of “golden arch” to the pictures on the right page.  If you look carefully at the bottom McDonald’s picture you will notice that the border is not square on the left side.  That was because I was trying to use the remaining cutout from the arch and I didn’t have quite enough to border both pictures.  I did not have enough yellow to finish this, so I decided to use it as is, and I actually ended up liking the way that it looked as it added some more curves to a spread that already had quite a few curves.

Clip from the Karate Kid movie date scene filmed at Golf ‘n Stuff:  

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