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2016: Taste of Indy and Airstrip Attack

2016: Taste of Indy and Airstrip Attack
This spread is an example of blending two different events together in one spread.   It showcases our trip to Taste of Indy, and our day at the Airstrip Attack.

The left hand page has the ephemera from our trip to the Taste of Indy.  Unfortunately I was so excited about trying all of the food that I forgot to take pictures!  The two wristbands at the top were our entrance tickets, and the tickets on the left hand side are actually food tickets that we decided not to spend.  I couldn’t buy anything with two tickets and I thought it would be nice to have them in the album.

The right hand page is of our day at Airstrip Attack.  Basically the event is car racing on an airport runway where cars do not have to obey the speed limit.  They set up two cars to race other, one race after another, all day long.  It is actually quite fascinating to watch.

I picked the color scheme off of the Taste of Indy brochures (Orange and Blue) and then used it on both pages.  Notice that the wristbands and the Airstrip Attack banners have the same two color borders, except that I put them in the opposite order.  The items on the left are bordered in orange, and the items on the right are bordered in blue.  The two background papers are also themed in the orange and blue color scheme.

Checkered Flag Scrapbook Collection Kit


2016: Iozzo’s Garden of Italy

2016: Iozzo's Garden of Italy
A colleague of mine gave me a gift card for Christmas to Iozzo’s Garden of Italy – a family restaurant in Indianapolis. She knew that my son loved unique dining experiences and wanted to give us a family adventure.  We had a great time here – great food and engaging staff.  A definite top choice for our family!

I have a paper pad of food items and there were these two pages of tomatoes within the pack.  I had previously thought “what am I ever going to do with these tomato pages”, but after I saw the logo of Iozzo’s I knew that I had to use them on this page.   It was a little too busy to use the full pages across both spreads, and so I used a par of sharp nosed scissors to very carefully cut along the outline of a row of tomatoes and then affixed that to a solid red paper so that the menu on the right hand page would stand out.  The menu is attached the the outside of the plastic page protector so that the reader can open it to view it.  I used the same red paper to border the photographs on the left hand page to help to tie the two pages together.  When we go out to eat at fancy restaurants we always take pictures of our food so that my son can recreate them later!

Reminisce “In the Kitchen” Collection Kit, 12″ by 12″

2013:Zest and Triple D

2013:Zest and Triple D

2013:Zest and Triple D

CraftsyOne of our family traditions is to try and visit as many Triple D locations as possible. Triple D  is a Food Network Show in which Guy Fieri showcases fun restaurants from around the country.  There is a list of all the ones he has reviewed at and we have been to quite a few of them.

This spread showcases our meal at Zest in Indianapolis, IN.  I tried all of the menu items that Guy reviewed on the show, and I must admit that they tasted great!

The color scheme for this page was taken from the logo of the restaurant which is orange, purple and pink.  I used a solid orange background page and then used torn scraps from other projects to add energy and life to the page.

The right hand page contains the menu, a business card, and a carefully hand-cut photograph of the logo in the window of the restaurant.

The left hand side contains pictures of the boys, our appetizer, my yummy meal, and the Guy Fieri “tag” that he leaves in every restaurant that he reviews.  For the “Tag” photo, the orange color of the wall in the picture did blend well with the background page, so I used a different orange colored border to create a space between the two oranges which helped for the colors to work better together.

2013: Triple D and Zest 2

2013: Triple D and Zest 2

The picture to the left is of the exact same pages but placed in the opposite order.  There are many times when I make pages like this that can be placed in either order.

I usually create an album full of pages before I actually insert them into the album all at once.  This way i can balance pages out across albums and I also have more time to decide how I want to place the pages like this one.

Canada Cruise 2010: Dining

Canada Cruise 2010: Dining

Canada Cruise 2010: Dining

Cheap Canada Tour Packages
When I was planning our cruise trip my friends told me that we would eat non stop and that I would gain ten pounds.  I did not believe them – but I should have because sure enough, when I got home I had gained ten pounds!

This spread showcases several of the amazing meals that we had while on the cruise.

Cruise Dining Tip: When having sit down meals you can order more than one thing off of the menu.  I learned this the first night when our table neighbors got two desserts!  I asked them how they did that and they told me that you could order more than one meal.  So for every meal afterwards I ordered everything that I wanted to try – which is probably why I gained ten pounds!

If you notice the bottom left hand picture you will see that my son’s expression is “Why are you taking pictures at every meal?”  You will also notice that he was getting a lot of sun at the pool!

Design element: If you look carefully at the right hand page you will notice that the borders for the 4 pictures is actually just one piece of paper that I cut around the outline of the pictures.  I did this because there was not enough room on the page to give every picture its own border and for it to still look good.


Disney Vacation 2008: EPCOT – Garden Grill Restaurant

Disney Vacation 2008 - EPCOT - Garden Grill

Disney Vacation 2008 – EPCOT – Garden Grill

While we were at EPCOT we ate at the Garden Grill, which is a revolving restaurant inside of “The Land” Pavilion.  The food theme is natural and traditional American farm food.

Disney Tip: Some Specialty Restaurants include character visits  – which means you can kill two birds with one stone – you get a great meal and your kids get to meet the characters (without standing in long lines) and get their autographs.  Make sure that you make reservations way in advance – it may be impossible to make a reservation on the day that you are there.

While we were in this restaurant I actually felt like we had gone back in time a little bit, which is funny as the pavilion is supposed to foods and farming in the future.  Therefore, I chose a 60’s theme print that actually reminded me of a plastic picnic table cover that my family had when I was a kid.

This page doesn’t particularly stand out to me but there are two scrapbooking techniques that I want to point out:

  • The first is that the Title block on the left hand page is actually a picture that I took at the entrance to the restaurant.   This is an easy way to title a page, but also serves as an easy way to remember from your photographs of the names of the places that you are going.  I make it a habit to always take pictures of names of places and historical markers so that I can remember the story.
  • The second is the journaling block on the right hand page.  If you look carefully at the frame around the block you will notice that it is actually a photograph of the painted mural in the restaurant.  This is another thing that I do when we are visiting unique places – taking pictures of the “feel” of the location so that I can use those photographs to help recreate the feel on the page – occasionally they actually end up on the page themselves!


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