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2015: Indianapolis 500 Museum Tour

2015: Indianapolis 500 Museum Tour 1
Another experience that we like to take our exchange students to is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.  We normally just take the short bus tour around the track and look at the museum, but they were running a special for a behind the scenes tour and I thought that it would be fun to do that.

For the first spread I used background paper that looked like tire treads and one of vintage cars.  The left hand page has two brochures that are not mounted to the page, but instead sit inside the plastic page protector.  It also has a sticker from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The right hand page has pictures from the track and the pagoda.  We got to sit in the press boxes, and stand in the winners box as part of the behind the scenes tour.

2015: Indianapolis 500 Museum Tour 2
This second spread is a mix of several things.  Between our museum tour and the behind the scenes tour we had to go get lunch, and our exchange student, Henry, really want to go to a White Castle!  Interestingly enough, all of our exchange students wanted to do this, but after going once, they never asked to go back again.  So on the top right hand page we have a picture of Henry outside of White Castle and a burger box behind it.  The right hand page has pictures of Henry outside of the Museum and also pointing to the last German winner of the Indy 500.

The left hand page has the paper from the pin that we had to wear on the behind the scenes tour (I carefully took the pin apart so that I could save the paper), a picture of Henry inside a mock car from the museum, and the brochure for the behind the scenes tour.

We have been to this location a couple of times so I wanted to share some of the previous scrapbook pages that I have made for this location:


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2013: Indianapolis 500

2013: Indianapolis 500

2013: Indianapolis 500

We were fortunate enough this year to be able to attend the Indianapolis 500.  One of the teachers at our High School is connected to someone at the Indy 500 and was able to take our exchange student to a special preview day ahead of the race, and the spread above includes the pictures and the ephemera from that day.

I chose to use a brick pattern background paper to reference the nickname of the grounds – “the brickyard”.  The track was originally completely paved in brick, but now there is only a thin strip of brick exposed which serves as the finish line.

If you look carefully at the “Indy 500 or Bust” logo on the right page you will notice that it is plastic.  It is actually a window cling that was mailed to us with our event tickets.  I wanted to save it for the scrapbook so I stuck it to a plastic sheet protector and then cut both the sticker and the plastic sheet together so that it would be the correct way round.  I then used brads to attach it to the page so that there would not be glue marks visible.

The second spread below are pictures and ephemera from Race Day. I included the event ticket, the event program, and a list of all of the cars and drivers for the day.

We really enjoyed the day, but I was exhausted by the time we got home that evening.

2013: Indianapolis 500 - 2

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