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2015: Exchange Student – New York – Ellis Island

2015: Exchange Student - New York - Ellis Island
Another day trip that Henry made was to Ellis Island.  I think that they wanted to go inside the Statue of Liberty, but that all of the tickets for that day had been sold.  I had a background page of the Statue of Liberty already left over from another trip and it worked great for this spread (left hand side).  On the right hand side I used some road background paper and put a paper cut (made with my Cricut machine) on top of it.  This bold piece helps to define the location of this adventure and makes a strong visual statement.  In order to fit all of the pictures without overpowering the paper cutout, I put a photograph behind the cutout.  I also used very thin borders around the pictures so as to not take away from the amazing New York skyline background paper.

As you know, ephemera is important to me in this work, and so the ticket for the trip is on the bottom right hand page.

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2015: Exchange Student – New York – Top of the Rock

2015: Exchange Student - New York - Top of the Rock

While in New York Henry visited “Top of the Rock” which is an observation deck on top of the Rockerfeller Center.

I had some leftover New York background paper from our short trip to New York (See page here), which fit perfectly for this spread. If you look closely at the right hand bottom picture you can see the Chrysler building which is the same building that is on the background paper to the right of the left hand page.

I then used brick paper to create the border for the pictures, postcard (top left), and to create a pocket to hold maps and other ephemera from this day trip.  The pocket allows the viewer to retrieve, open, and look at the items that are inside of the pocket.

I mounted the ticket on another New York Paper (if you look closely under the ticket you can see the word “Queens”), and double mounted the photo pass (bottom right hand corner) on both papers.


Top of the Rock Observation Deck, New York – $30.00

Daytime or night-time – anytime is the right time to visit the Top of the Rock Observation Deck. Perched 70 stories above the city at Rockefeller Plaza, the panoramic views of Manhattan are unequaled anywhere else in New York City. Breathtaking vistas stretch for miles in every direction. You’ll see New York’s famous landmarks, including the Chrysler Building, Times Square, the Hudson River, the East River, Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Plus, your view includes the Empire State Building! Quite simply, it is the most spectacular view in New York City.

Canada Cruise 2010: New York

Canada Cruise 2010: New York

Canada Cruise 2010: New York

We flew from Indianapolis, IN to New York La Guardia airport where we caught a bus to take us directly to the cruise ship.  Unbeknownst to me, the bus took us right through the middle of New york City, and we were able to snap some quick shots of New york and Times Square as we barreled through traffic.  This little bit of New York is still all that I have seen of it.  One day I want to take an extended trip to visit the city.

Cruise Tip: Book your Flight, airport transfer, and cruise in a packagethat way if you miss any connections the travel company takes responsibility for the loss.  I booked our flight separately from the airport transfer and cruise, and it was a little hair raising trying to find the bus at the airport.

The papers that I used on this page were all from a New York scrapbook set that I purchased at a craft store.  I don’t usually use pre-coordinated paper sets, but I had difficulty finding any paper that I could use for this New York spread, and I do like how this turned out.


Canada Cruise 2010: Title Page

Canada Cruise 2010: Title Page

Canada Cruise 2010: Title Page

The next adventure that we are going on together is a Cruise to Canada.  My son and I had never been on a cruise before, so we decided to take a short cruise from New York to Halifax and St Johns in Canada.  This was a shorter experiment as I was worried about a cruise for a couple of reasons:

  • I get seasick!
  • I was worried that I would get bored during the days at sea.
  • My son is energetic and I was worried that he would feel claustrophobic and bounce of the walls, and I was worried that I would want to throw him overboard 🙂

But thankfully, none of this happened 🙂  I used motion sickness oil that you put behind your ears and I was fine – and there was so much to do on the ship that neither one of us ever got bored.

For the Title page I used a pre-printed page with Canada already written on it in white.  I added the black “Canada” which is a laser cut that I bought on  The  date was cut using my Cricut machine.  I found the bagpipes while on the trip, but they are not really meant to be for a scrapbook as it is almost a half and inch thick – but I thought that it would be amazing to have in this scrapbook.

I am looking forward to sharing the rest of the album with you over the next three weeks!

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