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2015: Michigan Fall Farm Trip

2015: Michigan Fall Farm Trip
One weekend we decided to take a quick day trip up to Michigan and we visited a farm that allowed you to self pick pumpkins and apples!

So obviously I had to pick pumpkin background for this spread.  I used an orange plaid paper to border the photographs on the right hand page, but I did not use any border on the left hand page.  You will also notice a peacock feather on the left hand page that we found in the farm yard.  I really struggled with how I was going to attach the feather to the page.  I ended up using tape to tape down the spine, and then used thick mounting tabs to attach the photograph over the spine.  This means that this photograph sticks out from the page, but it also adds some nice depth to the page.



2014: Fall Farm Visit

2014: Fall Farm Visit
The Fall is a perfect time to head out to an apple orchard and get some fresh cider!  We were up in Michigan for my Grandmother’s birthday and during nap time we decided that we would go to a local apple orchard!  There was a wonderful festival feel complete with a pumpkin patch!

I used the wooden slat background paper to mimic the pallets used for squeezing the apples, and an orange accent for the borders for the photographs to represent the pumpkins in the picture.  I had a piece of background paper with a large pumpkin on it, but it wasn’t the right color for this project, so I cut out the pumpkin and then used Modge Podge to affix it to a piece of sturdy cardboard.  This gave the pumpkin a really cool texture which feels like a real pumpkin skin.  I then used thick sticky tabs to affix it to the page so that the pumpkin was raised off of the page.


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