Europe Vacation: Notre Dame

Europe Vacation: Notre Dame

Europe Vacation: Notre Dame

While I like the look of this Notre Dame page, I have learned some things that I would now do differently.  I will self critique my work to give examples of how this design could be improved.

First, I no longer use letter stickers on my pages.  I have found that they are often not the correct size, as is the case on this page, and you end up with lots of letters that you cannot ever use.  I currently use my Cricut machine to cut out letters if I wish to Title a page like this.

Second, when I created this page I also had an affinity to stickers and I often felt obligated to use them on pages.  I think that this sticker is too small to be on this page, and seems to diminish the pictures rather than complement them.  I also would now not place the sticker in the middle of the open space, but would probably move it to the lower left corner of the space to de-emphasize the sticker over the value of the photographs.

Something that I still like though is the funny picture of the statue of the Saint holding his own head and the comment I journaled above it.  I still like to find quirky things on our adventures and make sure that they make it into our scrapbooks.  Currently though I enjoy hiding them in the pages, rather than pointing them out like I did in this instance.
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