Europe Vacation: Corfu, Greek Islands

Europe Vacation: Corfu, Greek Islands

Europe Vacation: Corfu, Greek Islands

This is another page that isn’t particularly outstanding but I wanted to share a unique use of ephemera with you.  This page shares our arrival in Corfu in the Greek Islands, and a day spent by the pool relaxing.  The map of Corfu on the left hand page is actually a place mat from the hotel that we were staying at.  If you look carefully on the right of the map you will see some stains left over from my breakfast that morning!  I have since learned that if the place mat is worth saving for ephemera that I should take it off the table before I eat.  I have also found that if you ask the waiter for a new one at the end of the meal as a “souvenir” that they often will bring you nice clean new ones.

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