Europe Vacation: Corfu, Greek Islands – Beach Day

Europe Vacation: Corfu, Greek Islands - Beach Day

Europe Vacation: Corfu, Greek Islands – Beach Day

We had a two night stay in Corfu to give us a chance to rest from two weeks of being on the road. During the full day we had there we had opportunity to participate in some water sports. I had never been para sailing before and took the opportunity to do so in this amazing location. My advise when para sailing is – make sure the harness is on right – mine wasn’t quite in the correct position and it made for an uncomfortable ride. I also thought that para sailing would be a rush – but it really wasn’t – it was more of a peaceful floating in the sky and I got a wonderful sense of what it must feel like to be a bird. Before I started they told me that I would start on land and that they would pull me into the boat when it was over – I was glad that did because when I was up above the cove I could see fish (sharks?) that were bigger than the boat in the water and I had no desire to be in the water with them!

Some of my fellow tourists decided they were going to water tube and I was able to get some actions shows of them taking off down the starting ramp. You will notice that I started the pictures on the left hand page and higher and then mimicked their route by placing the to the right and lower each time – it gives the pages a sense of the motion that they were experiencing. I used a corner cutter to round the edges of most of the pictures to mimic the round water tubes.

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