Washington DC 2012: Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

The third day of our vacation started with a Metro trip to the Pentagon and Arlington Cemetery.   We wanted to stop and visit the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial.  If I had planned a little better we could have had a tour inside the Pentagon, but, like the White House, you have to request tickets for this way in advance.  (You can do that HERE).

The Metro station for the Pentagon is on the opposite side of the Pentagon from the 9/11 Memorial – so be be prepared for a long walk if you are taking the Metro.

I wanted this page to be solemn and somber to reflect the time that we spent at the memorial.  The left hand page is plain black with the date of our visit cut with my Cricut machine.  I put a plan in the top corner to evoke the remembrance of the terror of the day.

Each of the pictures on the right hand page are bordered in black to emphasize the solemnity of the memorial.  It is hard to see in this picture, but you can see which parts of the Pentagon have been rebuilt and repaired, because they couldn’t get the same matching color marble as when the building was originally built.

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