2013: Florida Spring Break Trip 2013: Epcot

2013: Florida Spring Break Trip 2013: Epcot

2013: Florida Spring Break Trip 2013: Epcot

Our next day of our vacation was spent at EPCOT.  We usually do EPCOT in two days, but we did not have the time this year to do this, so we got up early and spent the entire day at the park.

We asked our exchange student which part of the park he was more interested in seeing – the World Showcase or Innovations.  I was surprised when he shared that he was more interested in the World Showcase.  So – we arrived early and went on Test Track, Soarin’ and a couple of the other rides on the Innovations side, and then spent the rest of the day in the World Showcase.

Disney Tip: Get to the Park early and go the most popular rides firstthat way you won’t have to spend a lot of time later waiting in line.

On the left-hand page is a laser cut that I put together painstakingly.  I really like finding these laser cuts and putting them together.  I found this EPCOT laser cut on Ebay.   Beneath that is a World Showcase passport that I bought at a gift store at EPCOT.  I put all the stickers in it and then placed it on the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that it could be opened and viewed.

Notice that on the right-hand page I created a block of 4 photographs, and that I only corner cut the corners of the photographs that made up the larger block.

2013: Florida Spring Break Trip 2013: Epcot - World Showcase

2013: Florida Spring Break Trip 2013: Epcot – World Showcase

The second spread from our EPCOT day includes the reservation card from Marrakesh, a Moroccan Restaurant in the World Showcase that is a favorite of ours, as well as a purple envelope that I purchased in the China gift shop.

As you can see from the right-hand page, our exchange student was very eager to get character pictures – I guess we looked a little crazy as a 3-person male family with 2 teenagers standing in line with all the little kids – but we had a fun time doing it.

The paper egg in the middle of the right-hand page was an Easter card given to the boys from the Easter Bunny and his wife.

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