2013: Fairmount Historical Museum and Garfield

2013: Fairmount Historical Museum and Garfield

2013: Fairmount Historical Museum and Garfield

This is the second spread of our trip to the Fairmount Historical museum.  The first spread focused on James Dean. This one focuses on Fairmount’s other famous resident – this one is still currently alive – Jim Davis – the creator of Garfield!

I used an orange background paper to highlight Garfield’s color, and the left hand page contains a folder pocket that holds several brochures and documents about Fairmount, James Dean and Garfield.  On top of this folder pocket are two copies of the same brochure so that you can read both sides.  You will noticed that I used torn paper to create borders on this page and tie it into the right hand page.

Tip: Making a pocket in a scrapbook page:  I created the pocket by using my straight line cutter to cut a line across the middle ten inches of the twelve inch page – leaving about one inch on each side of the page that is still connected.  I then turn the page over and put a piece of tape over the inch that is left connected on both sides – this helps to strengthen the paper so that it does not tear.  I then used a piece of cardstock that is about 11 1/2 inches wide and tape it to the back of the page completely  sealing the border so that the brochures will not fall out.

The right hand page focuses on Garfield.  I had fun with this page.  The Garfield sticker which is on the page is from the 1980’s and I purchased in on Ebay still on the original backing.  I peeled it off the backing and put it right in my scrapbook!  The larger Garfield I made myself and am actually pretty proud of it.  The eyes were done on white cardstock and then glued on to the rest of the face which I hand drew on orange cardstock and then cut out.  I then used black markers to strengthen the pencil drawing and an orange marker to add coloring and depth to the cartoon.

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